About Rapidvms

An Network Video Recorder(NVR) Video Management System(VMS)



ONVIF profile S support, RTSP(Support H265), and Rapidvms API..

Cloud Ready

Rapidvms has mobile client and web client with out plug-in and make your VMS cloud ready.

Cross platform

You can install to Windows 7/8/10, Linux Ubuntu & Centos, & macOS

Smart Search

Rapidvms has build in Motion detect Engine, you search by Region.


Dual licensed as open source AGPL v3 and commercial-use license (available for purchase, you can buy the binrary license or source code license).

Learn More for License

RapidVMS Source Code License $399

RapidVMS Source Code License make you can use the RapidVMS source for commercial-use.

RapidONVIF Source Code License $129

RapidONVIF Source Code License make you can use the RapidONVIF source for commercial-use.

LinkingVISION Source code License Coming soon

LinkingVISION Binary License make you can use the LinkingVISION for commercial-use without buy the source code license.

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